The Hidden Dangers Lurking In Ducts: Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

Do you know what hidden dangers & health risks might be lurking your ducts? Click here to find out why air duct cleaning is a must!

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You make time to change the filter in your furnace every few months. You'll spend years before realizing you need air duct cleaning.

The air ducts in your home transfer heated and cooled air. Years of use can lead to ducts clogged with dirt, debris, and lint.

This can become a serious problem for your home and your health if not taken care of quickly. Professional duct cleaning services remove waste from your ducts and keep your family safe. There are no moving parts, but air ducts are still an important part of your heating and cooling system.

Mold Growth Can Be Deadly

Everyone knows mold grows in moist dark areas. You find it in the basement or where there are water leaks. People don't realize that mold can also grow in your ducts.

Hot and cold air create a diverse range of moisture in the ducts and make them a prime breeding ground for mold.

It can start out in a small area, but the air current carries the mold spores throughout the entire duct system. What starts out as a small issue quickly grows into a problem that impacts the entire duct system.

In addition to spreading the spores throughout the ducts, the heating and cooling system expels them into the air. You and your family inhale these spores.

It opens you up for respiratory problems. Some mold species not only cause respiratory problems, but also more dangerous illnesses that lead to hospitalization and death.

Clean your ducts regularly and end this threat from your home.

Air Duct Cleaning Removes Dust

If you're anywhere in your home, you'll likely see dust on a shelf or floating through sun rays in front of a window. Dust happens. It's like death and taxes.

While you'll take time to dust off the counter or even the top of the ceiling fans, you're not thinking about the ductwork.

Your air filters trap dust and other particles, but they can only do so much. Dust ends up in the ducts and as time goes on settles on the surface. It sits for months or years.

When you turn on the furnace or central air, they blow the particles into your home. Suddenly, the thin layer of dust on your mantle is three times as thick. Your family allergies start acting up and anyone with asthma refuses to enter the house.

Dust and other particles are a part of life. You can lessen their impact by changing your air filters and using an air duct cleaning company. Dust in ducts is no laughing matter.

Rodents and Vermin Live in Ductwork

This isn't as big a problem with residential ductwork, but commercial ductwork is notorious for having rodents such as rats and mice living in them. Residential homeowners may notice mice in their ductwork or even squirrels.

This can be unhealthy for people. The animals can leave droppings inside the ducts or even die in the ductwork. Your home fills up with the smell of decaying mouse and ruins the whole day.

While dead mice might be a rarity, their waste isn't. It's common for them to litter ductwork with droppings. When the furnace heats them up and blows their aroma and particles throughout your home, you're asking for a disease.

Duct cleaning removes this risk. It keeps particles from settling on your food and areas of your home.

Other Pollutants Settle in Ductwork

Do you have pets or was the previous owner of the home a smoker? Did you do remodeling to your home recently? These can cause your ducts to become clogged or smell bad.

Pet dander and construction dust such as drywall powder and wood dust causes irritation in the lungs.

Cigar and cigarette smoke get sucked into the ducts and transferred throughout the house creating an odor issue. The smoke soaks into the dust and debris in the ducts. This causes the smell to last far longer than the actual act of smoking.

Dryer Lint Ducts Need Cleaning Too

Do you have a laundry room that feeds the dryer exhaust to the outside? Between the hose and the outside is ductwork that also needs regular cleaning. Over time, lint particles can accumulate, making it more difficult for air to flow.

This can cause the inside of the ducts to heat up, and lint is flammable. Many homes burned down because the lint in a dryer vent caught on fire. Don't risk losing your home or your life because of dirty laundry and air ducts.

The simple procedure can eliminate the risk and give you peace of mind.

Clogged Duct Work Costs You Money

Money is tight. No one wants to spend more than they have to, but furnace and AC bills climb year by year. Did you know that your ductwork could be costing you money?

The key to furnace efficiency is free and unencumbered movement throughout the home. Years of dust and sediment in the ducts can cause filters to clog faster and cover vents. This makes your furnace and AC work harder and costs you money.

It also causes undue wear and tear on the furnace and AC unit. This causes them to break down faster and shorten their life expectancy.

Regular duct cleaning pays for itself over time. You're not replacing your $3,000 furnace or needing yearly repair work.

Duct Cleaning Isn't an Ordeal

Duct cleaning isn't like cleaning your home. It's not a major undertaking and a professional can do it quickly and efficiently. They use machines designed for this and remove the dust, particles and other pollutants that can cause illness and discomfort.

Air duct cleaning may not be on the top of your to-do list, but you need to make room. The air quality in your home is at risk and it could have a serious impact on the health and wellbeing of your family.

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