Mattress and Upholstery cleaning services in Montreal

Get you upholstery, furniture and mattress cleaned by a professional.

There's no need for you to move: we clean your upholstery, furniture and mattresses directly at your home. Our steam cleaning equipment is directly attached to our truck-mounted unit and go straight into your house. This allows us to remove all embedded dirt and dust in your mattress and upholstery.

Why have your upholstery and mattresses cleaned?

Our upholstery and mattress cleaning services will solve the following problems:

  • Your pet had an "accident".
  • The upholstery or your mattress is stained.
  • An odor emanates from the upholstery or your mattress.
  • Possible presence of micro organisms.
  • The upholstery or mattress is old and dusty.

High-quality furniture cleaning

Our steam furniture cleaning techniques allows your leather and fabric furniture to last longer. This prevents the problems listed in the paragraph above from appearing in the first place.

If you've had your furniture for a long time, a deep cleaning will make sure that all the bacteria, dirt, stains and odors are killed. This is the best way for them to stand the test of time, saving you money down the line.

Clean your mattress and furniture before it gets serious!

Bed bugs & dust mites: Why you need a professional upholstery cleaning service

Bed bugs and dust mites can be so tiny that you may never see them with your bare eyes. They can be in your mattress, pillow, upholstery and their surrounding areas. Hence the need for a professional cleaning service

Bed Bugs vs. Dust Mites

Bed bugs are tiny insects invisible to the naked eye which live in carpet fibers, plush items, drapes, mattresses, pillows and bed spreads. They feed off blood, usually at night, which can leave the person infected when sleeping. Bed bugs bites are itchy and, in small quantity, hard to notice at first. The real problem comes after some time when they reproduce and are too many to handle.

Unlike bed bugs, dust mites do not bite: they feed off dead skin. An average adult loses on average two pounds of dead skin per year, the majority of which is lost during sleep. Dust mites live in bed sheets, bed spreads and mattresses and feed themselves off of the lost skin. They prefer humid and warm areas. Although a bit less harmful than bed bugs, they can still cause allergies and respiratory diseases such as asthma.

For all the reasons above, your upholstery and mattress cleaning is crucial and should be handled by professionals. Eradicate the problem and leave you and your family with a clean and healthy environment.